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"Let's Boost Our Entrepreneurial Energy"

Let’s Tend to South Texas

Let’s Tend to South Texas
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As compassionate Texans, we strive to secure a brighter future for our families and our fellow Texans throughout District 20 and across the Lone Star State. By upholding and not compromising our cherished Family Values and Constitutional Principles, we will make our families stronger, our citizens smarter, and our communities safer.

Let's celebrate our diversity and our common mission: to create a more prosperous, healthy community now and for future generations.

Here are some of the ways we can do just that

Let’s create more jobs and economic opportunities by attracting new business to our area and help existing businesses grow. Streamlining regulatory processes and eliminating unnecessary regulations will help businesses expand operations and services.

We must fulfill workforce demand with readily available, qualified workers. This can be done by expanding vocational training programs and forming public/private partnerships to help fund earn-to-learn and apprenticeship programs. We can promote healthy economic growth and expansion throughout our District by offering tax incentives that lure high tech innovators and global industries to our backyard.

The continued influx of new industries will relieve the tax burden of area residents. Higher wage opportunities will increase family prosperity.

We need to lower property taxes to put more money back into the pockets of taxpayers. Great progress was made in the 86th state legislative session by capping annual increases in property taxes on a local level. More can be done to reduce that gap even further. We need to enact property appraisal reforms.

Streamlining government operations and implementing Best Practices will help our government run like a successful business. Zero-based budgeting measures will help to evaluate the effectiveness of current programs and identify where we can save taxpayers money.

Education is key to the future success of the next generation. Parental choice should be honored. Every child within our communities should have the opportunity for a world-class education. Enhancement of STEM and innovative learning experiences will prepare the next generation for future demands.

We must be adaptable and train teachers in new, high tech ways of educating our youth. Not every student wants or needs to go to college to have a successful future. Vocational Program opportunities must be expanded to give them the opportunity to fulfill their American dream.

One of the greatest benefits of freedom is the ability to reinvent ourselves to meet current and future demands. Affordable, continuing, and remedial educational programs are vital to rehabilitating and incentivizing underserved citizens to become productive members of our society. By rewarding our dedicated teaching staff and providing them with enhanced training, we will advance our knowledge and skills.

The safety of our families is a top priority. While Federal legislation is being revamped, we must secure our borders to provide a safe community for our citizens.

To combat drug and human trafficking, we must enhance border security in a cost-effective way, combining high technology with border wall expansion and more boots on the ground.

We should promote a culture of innovation throughout our District. We must be forward-thinking. With the expansion of STEM educational programs, our area should be considered for the creation of research and development defense programs and artificial intelligence technologies.

By strengthening public / private partnerships, we can ensure District 20 gets its fair share of funds allocated to rebuild and update our military infrastructures and participate in innovative defense programs.

We have learned from the current crisis that we need to be better prepared for future crises we might face. As a crisis communications consultant, we must think of the worst case scenario and be prepared for an immediate effective response to natural and human-made disasters.

Communications is critical in streamlining services provided to the public and keeping our concerned citizens informed. We must have dependable methods of communications in place to ensure transparent, reliable, and truthful communications to our citizens. Garnering involvement from both the public and private sectors is essential in overcoming any crisis we face.

Policies that return power to our state and to our citizens will empower us to exercise our independence and to regulate our communities.

Removal of unnecessary state regulations will boost our economy and allow us to get on with the business of governing according to our unique community needs and goals.

To strengthen our communities and develop an informed citizenry, legislation should be introduced to require and expand civic education of our citizenry at all levels of our public school system.

To be an educated voter as intended by our founding fathers, civic classes covering both U.S. and Texas Constitutions and the functions and services towns, cities, and the Texas state legislature provide should be implemented by all educational institutions..

We need to address the rising costs of healthcare by supporting policies that reduce costs to self-insurers, employers, and the community-at-large. Allowing purchasing of insurance for specific needs only, across state lines, and to those with pre-existing conditions will help meet the healthcare needs of the underinsured.

Government reporting programs should be streamlined to allow physicians to provide needed care and enhance patient outcomes. We need to save Medicare, implementing cost-sharing mechanisms, and revise rules for supplemental insurance programs.

We need to allow private plans to compete against Medicare, giving patients more choices. Rural healthcare needs to be enhanced to attract providers to remote areas and to assure that quality healthcare is easily accessible close to home, especially for our Veterans.

I am pro-life. Life is precious at all stages of development. The Federal government should not be financially supporting the end of life initiatives of any kind. Informative, educational, compassionate programs are the best means of influencing a person’s beliefs and actions.

Let’s Safeguard our Second Amendment Rights. I will fight for your right to bear arms and ensure the safety of your family, property, and community.

Strengthening security measures within and around schools and implementing mental health preventive education programs for parents, teachers, and students will help to reduce gun violence and identify and deal with mental health problems among youth.

Closing the loopholes that tighten background checks for over the internet sales will help keep guns out of the hands of unstable individuals. In seeking meaningful policy interventions, let’s consider the facts.  Let's look at the statistics: Gun violence has been falling in Texas over the past few years.  The state’s firearm homicide rate is lower than two decades ago. Rifle and shotgun homicide rates are down more than 60% over the same period. Aggravated assaults with a firearm has been cut almost in half.

Historically we are a nation of immigrants who have made invaluable contributions to our great nation. However, antiquated, broken immigration policy must be overhauled to stop illegal immigration. While millions seeking citizenship have followed the law and patiently await approval, many illegal immigrants reap benefits of U.S. resources without contributing tax dollars to the coffers.We need to relieve the costly stress illegal immigration places on our educational system, medical services, and law enforcement.

Immigration laws need to be reformed to close loopholes and make them fairer and enforceable.  Emphasis should shift to merit-based admissions that serve our national and state interests.

We have an ethical responsibility to reach a fair balance between honoring our immigrant heritage and securing the safety of citizens.

Protecting our natural wildlife habitats and preserving our natural resources will safeguard the health of our families and ensure a strong tourism industry. Adequate quality water supplies are essential to support our ecosystem and agricultural industry.

As we continue to expand, we must advance policies that preserve natural habitats and ensure clean air and water to sustain our community. We need to develop land-use practices and encourage businesses to conserve ecosystems while enhancing our economy. 

Our farmers and ranchers are a major driving force of our economy and of District 20. Texas, rather than the Federal Government, should establish regulations for production that impact the supply chain.

Fiscally responsible disaster assistance should be available to farmers and ranchers facing drought conditions.

Texas has a Big Heart but sometimes needs more help than the state can provide. Communities devastated by a Disaster should be able to obtain the help they need to rebuild in a timely, efficient manner. I support Senator Cornyn’s TOOLS Act to help communities in their recovery efforts.

The Act allows localities to partner with area non-profits to revitalize neighborhoods and housing in the wake of a disaster, streamlining recovery efforts. TWIA rate increases in premiums must be limited and shared fairly across the state, not penalizing the Coastal Bend and South Texas devastated by recent hurricanes.

Communication, especially ongoing two-way dialogue, is critical to reach our Goals. Together we will build enduring relationships and lasting partnerships that will win the support we need on Federal, State, and Local levels.